‘The only special thing about Mourinho is he brings chaos around him’

Liverpool fans have been considering replacements for Philippe Coutinho, while Jose Mourinho has come under fire from our Man Utd readers in Your Says of the Day.

‘The only special thing about Mourinho is he brings chaos around him’

‘The only special thing about Mourinho is he brings chaos around him’


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London derby preview I feel the best formation and players in form would go like this

Courtois Azpi christiansen rudiger Moses kante drinkwater alonso Willian morata hazard

Willian and drinkwater don’t deserve to be dropped and Cesc is a risk with his pace but could come on second half. Baka is too rash for big games he misses big chances and makes clumsy mistakes. Willian over pedro


Watched Arsenal play Palace and apart from a lively Sanchez they did little and got caught by pace. They were not much better against WBA so I think we have every chance

Obviously we will need to be up for it and take our chances (seems like a repeat message…) but we have every reason to feel confident. Could easily see us pack the midfield and go with just Morata and Hazard up front with them looking for support from the midfield runners but I would argue we have the confidence, the ability and better quality players to go there and get a result

Would I take a draw – probably but would still like us to go there with the intention of taking all 3 points. KTBFFH


Our target is second place finish this season plus one of the cups. We won’t finish lower than United, Spurs,Liverpool. We have advantage over them. I don’t know how some posters have arrived in that judgement. We are playing superbly,and kept 4 cleansheets in a row. Where as Arsenal haven’t kept a cleansheet since 3 games. I think our defence is in top form. Plus our Christensen for Cahill sounds good choice. Bakayoko for Drinkwater, Hazard for Pedro. 3-4-3 for me will do a good job. My belief is that we can win the game also we can lose and draw.



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Coutinho’s replacement When coutinho leaves, I would be more than happy with the leicester man as the replacement over someone like Lemar who, like it appears, we put in a VVD-like bid last summer.

Technically, I think Mahrez is as good as coutinho. Under Klopp, who knows what he can become..

His goals and assist as similarly on par with the brazilian. I have not checked the numbers but i suspect the algerian, playing in a lesser team, is ahead.

Mahrez, again like couts, can play on the wings and cenrally. I think his pace is also better…which would make us an even faster team.

He has proven EPL pedigree and would only need to adapt to Klopp’s style, not a different league.

Finally, he wouldn’t cost 90m, would he?

I say forget lemar and get mah.


Salah scored 34 goals in previous two seasons, while Lemar scored 19 – although admittedly Salah is older and more experienced?

The only time I’ve seen Lemar play, he scored 2 goals for France, and he looked ok but not outstanding.

My issue above all else is the price. If the Liverpool scouts can find Salah for £37m, then surely for about  £40m, or even less, they can do it again.

I would not spend £50m, let alone £90m, on Lemar. He is not even having a great season, only 4 goals, but somehow the media and demand from Arsenal has inflated his fee into the stratosphere, and that is the problem


Rakitic HAS to be involved in any deal for couts. When couts goes we are gonna miss his vision, range of passing and set piece/long shot ability. We got others that can dribble. We don’t need lemar. We need a player like rakitic to pick out salah’s diagonal runs like couts does



Mourinho’s arrogance

Scholes was spot on and you girls dont have to twist your knickers. What you can ask yourself is why Pogba shined against Everton but stank the place out against Saints. Its because of our “classy” manager´s formation. Mourinho finally dropped the 4-2-3-1 formation and played Pogba in a 3 man midfield. It was not because of our “classy” manager´s brilliance,it was because of having both Zlatan and Lukaku injured.

Lots of posters in here said months ago,play Pogba further up the pitch in a 3 man midfield. Thats the way he played in Juve. It took The Special One 18 months to try it because of avaiable strikers was injured. To me Mourinho can f**k off to Antarctic and be the king of penguins. The only special with him is he bring chaos around him. With his arrogance and spineless outcome for a human being i cant understand why he is not walking around with a boxers nose. I know Scholes would like to smash his nose and so do i.


People are confusing criticism with constructive criticism.

no-one minds constructive criticism, but if it’s negative comment after negative comment then it gets a bit boring and no wonder others will start to feel there is an agenda.

Ironically, the idea that some players stroll through matches is not a negative to me; Berbatov did that, as did Carrick, Rio and a host of others – including Scholes when he was at his best. Scholes made it into a negative and did not offer any suggestion on what he would do differently.

The class of 92 act as if they are still in the changing room – as do a lot of ex-players who are now pundits. Pulling up players for not doing there bit is best sorted out in the changing room for me, as everyone can have their say. TV pundits selecting players who are often the best player on the pitch for criticism after a poor team result doesn’t do much to improve results imo.



Out of control

I know I know a chelsea fan complaining about transfer fees is a bit rich but they really are getting out of hand now. Up to £140m for countinho?! He’s good dont get me wrong and ultimately the market dictates the price but that’s insane to have a player sign a 5 year contract.

The fans ultimately suffer with the game will just become more and more commercialised to support these fees.

The moral aspect of it is the most compelling however. Imagine what £140m could do to your local area? It would take a huge dent out of child poverty, homelessness or some other worthy cause.

I dont know what the answer is as transfer caps will probably only lead to ridiculous player wages. Something has to be done though it’s just not right.

Jay Belfast


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Liverpool v Man Utd spending

75m for VVD. One word to describe this transfer – obscene!! Liverpool should be outed for spending this amount in a city where poverty levels are higher than average.

The Martial Art

Do you need reminding Martial that it was the Sullen One’s spending of 89m on a player worth about 20 that set the tone for the current madness. Perhaps, as Liverpool are so awful, if the Sour One is allowed to spend another few hundred million then next time Utd play Liverpool, you won’t be too scared to go into their half of the pitch.



Arsenal’s attendance problem

I’m not saying he fans are powerless,the fans make up the club and without them the club is nothing.Yes,massive consistent protests would affect the club after a point of time,but the only fools that have kept wenger in the job are the BoD.This is the worst board I’ve ever seen,that set the ambition and target of the club so low literally every manager in the world could get away with it.I mean honestly how the hell else do you explain them offering wenger a contract extension when we were playing s**t last season and didn’t even win the FA cup by then.Truth is this board dosen’t think that this club is capable of more,and fears that changing manager would take us further down and then it will be their arses on the line if it already shouldn’t be.

You need to come out of this dreamland that a change in manager would make us start winning major trophies again.We will never win a major trophy as long as this board is in charge.We only want a chance in manager because we want to see something different,not because we think the next manager is going to do wonders.I’m not saying winning trophies will be impossible,but we will need a change in board a seriously good manager and a some luck of course.

The SpecialOne


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Fans not attending wont change a thing at Arsenal, it might have 15, 20 or 30 years ago. Now though not a chance. The waiting list for season tickets alone is enough reason for the board not to care. TSO for a change makes a good point, The money will keep coming in, regardless of current season ticket holders not renewing as there will be some guy who has waited 5+ years to get one that wont wont to miss up that opportunity. The only way fans could make any real difference would be to mass protest throughout the whole game, im not talking 1 or 2 thousand but a group over 40 thousand strong at every home game from now until end of season, i cannot see any other way that the board might actually listen. Even with this though i dont think they would care. I still don’t hold board mostly responsible as at end of day they give what any manager would want to succeed. Space, time, and money. It doesn’t matter if their demands are top 4 the managers demands should always be to win the league and if he has time, money and space from the BofD then there really is no excuses, he just simply isn’t a good enough manager anymore.




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