Man Utd fans urge Saudi buyout and take club back to where they belong

Manchester United supporters have mixed views on the rumoured Saudi takeover, while Chelsea fans fear they will be hit with a transfer ban in Your Says of the Day. 

Man Utd fans urge Saudi buyout and take club back to where they belong

Man Utd fans urge Saudi buyout and take club back to where they belong

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Saudi’s or Glazers?  Couple of rumours doing the rounds at the minute that the Saudi’s are looking to buy us for serious money. Probably pocket money to them but the sort that would buy out the Glazers. It’s probably b*******, but if it wasn’t what do we reckon?

A) Better off with the Glazers than being the PR puppet of a nation?

Or B) f*** it, if they spend the money needed to get us back winning the league and in European Cup Finals then so be it? Who needs morals anyway when you’re scoring six goals every week and playing the way that United should?

This is an either or question, there are no other options for the purposes of this debate.

I’m A) and considerably better ethically than all the city fans.

Wonderful Gas


We make enough money to compete, just need somebody to structure everything. From youth upwards, like Fergie did when he came in.





£850 billion worth? this is huge City, PSG, Barca, Munich, Madrid, Chelsea, what the hell all clubs wealth combined cant match it! We will be untouchable. Liverpool, City fans will be bricking it!





We the fans and the ex-players take over the club and run it properly, like BVB!



Chelsea transfer ban incoming?

This one has been kicking around for a while but there are now suggestions in the press that FIFA are about to impose a 4 window ban on Chelsea after investigating the Bertrand Traore signing, plus the signings of other young players.

The Club insist they have done nothing wrong and will surely appeal to CAS with the likelihood that the ban would be delayed and reduced as in the case of Barca, which might give us the January window or at best the Summer window if CAS found the charges proven but the punishment too severe, and it could reduce the ban two windows or even one window which would then force us to use our young players and our loan players which may not be a bad thing.

Of course CAS could also overturn the ban if they decided it was unproven but previously such bans have been reduced rather than wiped out.

All a bit worrying at a time when we need to strengthen certain areas under a manager that is steering the ship in the right direction.

Nine nine nine


How many times must we go through this? Or is this still from the very first allegations? Its like we never learn.



Blueowner, we went through similar with Kakuta and managed to overturn the ban at CAS and in fairness to the club they insist they’ve done nothing wrong. But yes, this is from the original Traore investigation and FIFA now claim there have been 13 other breeches.

Nine nine nine


There’s only one way to treat employees that bring the club into disrepute – fire them.



Is Kante the right guy?

I’m actually more concerned with the role of Kante in our team than the form of some of the others and whether someone that is more suited to that role should be there instead to enable the Sarri system to function more effectively. Just a thought. Kante is the best around playing our football of the past under Conte and loved him to bits BUT……



1967 – I have stated many times my similar concerns. I just do not understand why you take the widely acknowledged best holding player in the EPL and potentially even Europe and try to push him into a much more advanced role where he is out of his comfort zone…?

I understand the logic that we are trying to play a high pressing game and that Jorghino is our lynch pin for everything creative, but for me that still makes little sense but clearly it is the formation that worked so well for Sarri in Italy and so far is working in the EPL – even for my concerns.

However, Kante is still a vital cog in our team so I am more than prepared to give him until the end of the season to see how well he adapts to his new role

My big concern is that Kante does not adapt or simply does not like his new role and would move to a club who will offer him his normal role. Would be a great loss to us, however, if he is not right for that specific role then Sarri would have to look for a decent replacement…?



Nothing wrong with Kante’s current role he’s still doing a fantastic job, he always was a bit of a weak shooter though.



I think too Kante is still doing a marvellous job as always, very occasionally he may have an indifferent game but its very rare. It’s working very well with Jorginho and the 3 of Kovacic, Barkley and RLF for the 3rd midfield position, it’s other areas that need good continuance. May I suggest a more creative attacking player to supplement Hazard as he is still the main man for now. This will also help Morata and Giroud. They need more good crosses or passes from the wider area.



Is Cahill’s time at Chelsea up?

Not against letting Cahill go in January he’s been a great servant but it shouldn’t be to Manchester United and we would need a back up replacement imo.

Nine nine nine


Cahill is a Chelsea legend



I fully expected Cahill to go until he was used as cover for Luiz, got a run in the team and then publically changed his own mind about leaving. Purely based on his experience I am happy for him to stay until the end of the season but I honestly do not see him staying after that.



You can’t expect to play for one of the top clubs in the world once you reach a certain age. The norm is to move to a less competitive for top honours club or a lower league where you can have a more significant role.




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