Is Joel Matip ‘getting a free ride’ from Liverpool fans? Willian criticised

The fans in our forum discuss Willian’s Chelsea form and is Liverpool’s Joel Matip “getting a free ride?”

Is Joel Matip ‘getting a free ride’ from Liverpool fans? Willian criticised

Is Joel Matip ‘getting a free ride’ from Liverpool fans? Willian criticised

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Morata has adapted well I am actually pleasantly surprised at how well Morata has adapted to date and fully agree with RDP that I expect Morata to be hitting the gym to bulk up now he appreciates better the physicality of the EPL

His movement off the goal has been good and something I had seen from clips but his power in holding the ball up and his pace was something I was not aware of

Of course early days yet but I would say we are in good hands with Morata leading the line and if he adapts to the physicality and potentially improves his game under the watchful eye of Conte then I believe that we will have another winner leading the line. KTBFFH


Don’t compare Morata to Costa yet

Let us not forget that Costa has been in the league for 3 years. and we have seen his best football last season. Morata has only been in the league for 2 months. so we may not see a complete performance from him. until he gets two to three seasons. that is the time we can compare him with Costa.

something inside me tells me that Morata will take the Torres road than the Costa road. there are some good strikers in this league who never were blessed with physicality.

Aguero is one of them, Vansitel Rooy was another, Torres, Suarez, Even Harry Kane isn’t blessed with physicality, Vardy was also like that. if we play to his strengths we will have some striker in our hands.



Morata, bulk up? Why does Morata need to bulk up?! He is 6’2″ and already pretty big.

Bulking up could impact his style in a negative way. For example he could lose his agility and become stiff in his movements. I heard that Hazard doesn’t bulk up for this reason.

I personally feel Morata needs to get his head around the fact he can’t go down easily expecting to win a free kick like in Serie A and La Liga. Pedro had this problem when he first joined and has almost killed it from his game.



Willian will come good


Its all about opinions, none of our opinions count. the only opinion that counts is Conte. and so far he is picking Willian without hesitation. i

do understand your concerns and frustrations with Willian. and i’m afraid i share some of them with you.

but like you i won’t say Willian has been a garbage since he joined us. while i admit that he is struggling right now, i still share those sentiments with Chelsea1967 that Willian was a class in the past. form is temporary class is permanent. i’m hopeful he will come good.


Willian to move in January?

“Conte is picking Willian without hesitation” well not quite if he came on as sub is it.

And Willian himself was the one who confirmed the manure link both last season and this

Never actually said he wanted the move, impossible to know that, but loss of form could be a factor.

Not really sure what is meant as he is class, is that world class, well he surely ain’t that, but obviously a good player, and he has certainly regressed over the last couple of seasons. So on that I agree with Bort.

Still have a sneaky feeling he may well move on in January, or defo end of the season.



Willian a Chelsea squad player

When everyone is fit under Conte Willian has been a squad player and a useful one imo, although I doubt he’s happy with that which may be one reason for some of his patchy form.

Personally I think “world class” is often a much over used and far to previous a description of players there are only a handful of world class players in football and even Hazard is only on the brink of being world class imo.

Personally I wouldn’t have bought Willian on v City but I understand why Conte probably did as I suspect he was trying to address the problem of ball retention it didn’t work out and we move on.

The point about what Conte sees and what we see is a good one though imo because we only see a player for 90 mins on a matchday whilst Conte sees them everyday over several hours in training.

I certainly wouldn’t rule out Willian moving on in the summer but that applies to a number of players.

nine nine nine


Van Dijk still the man for Liverpool

Perhaps he is not the only one but he is still the best in this league and the most likely candidate to lead our the backline for trophies.

He is also the one with the most desire to play for us, that counts IMO.

The rest of the names mentioned in the summer window were 2nd rate talent in foreign leagues, priced at 50-60 million, not one of the top defenders in Italy, France, Germany or Spain wanted a move to Anfield.

There wasn’t much action going around besides Bonucci worth having except Van Dijk. I’ll give you those two


Van Dijk not the Liverpool saviour

Bingo he would indeed be 1 of if not the best CB in the EPL but I don’t think he would be the saviour some think he will be. It will be interesting to see how he goes being continually exposed as everyone goes forward.

No doubt he will not make some of the schoolboy errors the comedy show we currently have at the back are making but he isn’t superman & won’t fix it on his own. IMO we need a DM with discipline who can read a game & know when to help at the back. Keita is not that player as we will probably use him as a box to box.

Ultimately I believe we are 4 or 5 1st team players from challenging for anything.

Number8wasgr8 Two centre-backs were needed Bingo how exactly do you know that not one of the top defenders wanted to come … we clearly weren’t even interested and went all out for VVD which has so far screwed our aspirations big time and even had some questioning Klopp.

2 cb were needed and despite what you say the chuckles brothers could have improved our defence and Lovren, Klavan etc. are simply not up to it.

As already debated there were cb who would have massively improved us and who have as much ‘pedigree’ as VVD. It could have been VVD and another.

Just remember it isn’t guaranteed that we will get VVD in Jan.

One hell of an uneccessary risk.



‘They are to stupid to play a high line’

are we really discussing vvd again already? We know he wants to come here but we made an absolutle shambles of this from day one. We had to apologise to soton for our behaviour. Its an absolute embrassment how we went about this.

this saga sums us up when it comes to transfers. Pathetic at times. We then ahve no plan b when we cant get him.

bingo, lovren is terrible. He had one decent half spell but his prone to massive errors a lot of the time. Our defence is an absolutle shambles. I agree on the full backs but why keep changing them all the time? The keepers aswell.

ive givenup on the defence. They are to stupid to play a high line. They dont communciate and havent a clue how to follow klopps instructions

Sean the sailor


Matip gets a ‘free ride from fans’ We need two centre backs to have a defence worthy of a top team. Think matip gets a free ride from fans because he occasionally looks good striding out of defence with the ball but in my opinion he is poor. Lovren makes the more high profile mistakes but matip has far too low aggression and bravery for a centre back plus a poor turn of speed.

Neither of them or any of our goalkeepers command or organise the defence.



Matip has been poor

I agree with you threeps in that Matip has been really poor this season. He wasn’t that much better than Lovren in my opinion. However he has shown some flashes of brilliance, and it remains to be seen if he’ll be reliable when we have some leadership at the back.

We need a leader at the back at Jan, no more dilly dallying. Carra once said that the back four is like a team within a team, they move as a unit to cover each defender. You look at our back four and you see a disjointed unit. Like Sean said our high line is a complete mess, one defender maintains the offside position while another gives that away, no coherency whatsoever. Our defenders are too stupid to play a high line, and we need a leader back there to keep them in check.



Has Matip become a poor player overnight? so has matip just become a poor player in a few months?

He was very good last year and i thinkwe only lost two gams inwhich he started. He was getting rave reviews and was badly missed whenhe got injured. He needs a decent player beside him. Hes not having a great season but he is our best centre back and we need some who can defend beside him.

people chnage their opinion far to quickly on players who are having a bad spell. He needs to be much tougher but he has shown already last season that he can handle it here. Ill give him much more time before writing him off as he has shown he is a ogod player

Sean the sailor

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