Chris Smalling ‘very proud’ to represent Roma

Chris Smalling says he is “very proud” to represent Roma and says the Serie A club have a “very big heart”.

Chris Smalling ‘very proud’ to represent Roma

Chris Smalling ‘very proud’ to represent Roma

The Manchester United man, who is on loan in the Italian capital, has praised the club for their “clarity” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Not every club across Europe have been as helpful as Roma and Smalling says he understands any player who decides not to return to training in the midst of Covid-19.

“I can understand everyone’s position if they’ve not got that full clarity,” he told The Times.

“Everybody wants to be as informed as possible. Fortunately, here at Roma, I feel like they have that clarity. They’ve kept us in the loop.

“We had regular meetings with the CEO [Guido Fienga], talking about different measures, and keeping us up to date.

“That’s been very useful to know their discussions with the league and the doctors and they are relaying that straight back to us.

“That’s why I feel like a lot of players here are comfortable about coming back, knowing the different measures.

“It’s all been listed, but if some players at some clubs who don’t have that all in place yet then I can understand them being a bit fearful until that’s put in place. I’d want the same as well.”




The Giallorossi announced a partnership with British charity Missing People last year and they also promote education and positive values in sport through their charity Roma Cares, and Smalling is proud of all their non-footballing efforts.

“Roma have a very big heart. I noticed that quickly here. Roma do help people a lot, they help a lot outside of the norm. That’s great.

“They really set an example, and other clubs have got on board. I’m very proud to be associated with Roma because of all their initiatives,” he added.

The centre-back, 30, has also revealed he has enjoyed his time in Rome.

“Some English players have gone abroad but not many. It was a challenge that I wanted to take. I’m someone who definitely lives by not having any regrets.

“I like new things maybe out of my comfort zone and show people that anything is possible,” he added.

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