Win A Wet Equafleece T-Shirt For Your Dog

Many dogs suffer in high temperatures and despite much public awareness, a staggering one in two dogs end up at the vets suffering from heatstroke. Unlike people dogs cannot perspire through their skin, and their only cooling system is their tongue and the pads of their paws.

Wet Equafleece T-Shirt

Wet Equafleece T-Shirt

Dogs at most risk are puppies and older dogs as their coping mechanisms aren’t as robust as a young adult’s. Black coated dogs will absorb the sun’s radiation really efficiently, making them more at risk than lighter coated dogs. Breeds like Huskies, Pyrenean Mountain Dogs and St Bernards are thick double coated dogs bred to love in colder climates and are very heat sensitive.

Also ‘flat faced’ (brachycephalic) breeds including Bulldogs, Pugs French Bulldogs are at risk from over exposure to the heat. With short muzzles their respiratory systems are compromised compared to dogs like Labradors.

There’s a lot owners can do to prevent heatstroke. Walking your dog before the heat builds early in the morning and keeping to shaded areas. Avoid concrete pavements as they absorb the sun, and will burn dog’s sensitive paws. Always provide fresh cool water for your dog and encourage them to lick an ice cube after a walk as it cools their mouth down in seconds.

Provide a shady spot indoors for them to hang out, and popping on a wet T-shirt from Equafleece provides immediate relief. Offering 360-degree ‘air con’, the simple process of evaporation cools the dog’s body temperature down quickly. Re-applying water and dampening the fabric as it dries means it’s simple to top up, and keep your dog cool on the go.

Designed and made in Devon by Equafleece the T-shirts feature as part of range of functional ‘outdoor wear’ for dogs and their owners.

The T-shirts are super soft, breathable cotton with 4 per cent elastane to ensure freedom of movement. They make a useful barrier to insect stings, flea bites and to protect against itchy grasses, which can promote allergic reactions.

The T-shirt comes in two designs, as the body and as a suit. The latter is perfect for atopic dogs with allergic reactions to grasses or with a flare up to an insect bite – like a fleabite. The soft fabric cools the itchy areas, and works as a barrier to stop the dog self harming and literally pulling their hair out.

Both designs are incredibly lightweight, soft and they keep their shape. Both the body and the suit come in 8 sizes available in Black, Red, Blue and Camo-Brown.

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