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Prize provider: Animed Direct 

Animed Direct Bundle

Animed Direct Bundle

Animed Direct is one of the biggest online sellers of pet food and pet care products in the UK. They understand pets are a big part of the family and know the cost of pet care can add up throughout their life time. This is why Animed Direct offer a wide range of quality products at great prices delivered straight to your door. Making it easier for you to look after your furry friend and worry less about the costs.

VeggieDent FR3SH Chews are highly palatable chews for dogs to help clean their teeth. They incorporate innovative FR3SH technology which targets the causes of halitosis in dogs by cleansing, cooling and addressing digestive causes of bad breath. Regular use will maintain healthy teeth and gums. The chews are also a natural and plant-based alternative to other chews and are free from animal proteins, wheat free and gluten free.

Doodlebone Faux Fur blanket is a super soft, cosy and comforting blanket made with extremely tough and hardwearing material. With a faux fur design in a stylish duo of colours it’s ideal for any home, perfect for using as a throw to protect furniture and bedding, or as a cosy blanket bedding for a dog to snuggle up to. It’s luxuriously warm and is sure to become a favourite amongst both family and pets.

Chuckit Ultra Balls are perfect for active dogs that love to play fetch. They are super bouncy with high visibility to make it easy for owners to spot in the grass and also float in water. The balls are made from durable natural rubber and are tough enough for dogs that like a good chew, making them last longer than an ordinary tennis ball.

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Which pet are the chews designed for?

A: Dogs

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Closing Date : 30th April 2021